You’re busting at the seams with excitement about unleashing your brand new business to the world.

➾ You’ve got your message down and your packages are on point.

➾ You know exactly who you want to serve.

➾ You know what problem you solve and what makes you the perfect person to help your people. (You have people! Squee!)

There’s only one problem.

You don’t have a website. (wah wah)

Or worse, you have website shame (literally the worst)

And you hear they can be kind of expensive. Like, super-expensive… Like, $3,000 expensive.


I mean…don’t you need designers and logos and branding and pictures and a developer (what’s a developer?)? And aren’t there “plug-ins” and themes and what are those? And oh my god when you start to think about it all it kinda takes the wind outta your newly puffed up sails…

Isn’t there an easier way?

➾ Like, maybe something simple and fresh, that’s professional looking, but that won’t break the bank?
➾ Something that will introduce you to the world in a way you can feel proud of, but that won’t take a year to build?
➾ Something inexpensive, but not totally cheesy and cheap-looking?

Hey there! I’m Kate Anthony, and, just like you, I run my own business. I also have a side-gig building Squarespace websites for new online business owners just like you—without breaking the bank.

You've already done some amazing work honing your message, narrowing your niche, creating your packages... (if not, click here to see how I can help you do that)

You’re soooo close!

Don’t let all this incredible work you’ve done sit in Google Docs or on some sad Weebly or Wix site (oh my god, you’d never, would you?). 

Let me work my magic and make you a website that truly represents you and this business you’ve worked so hard to create.

Here’s the deal: I’m not your average web designer. I’m an online business owner who’s been running her own online business for the last 6 years. And I’ve built every one of my own websites. Why is that a benefit? Because I get it. I know exactly where you are right now, and I know exactly where you want to be next year. And I can help you get there by building you a gorgeous website that sells your products and services without emptying your bank account.

I am in love with our beautiful website, and it is already starting to go viral. Massive gratitude for your hard work, joyful vibe, and all around sweetly resonating asskickingness. You are the best, Kate!
— Chris Jordan, Director, Writer, Editor ALBATROSS

Selection of sites I've designed:

(Click on each image to view the site.)

Don't know much about Squarespace?

Check out these Squarespace templates to see what's possible...

Being super new to entrepreneurship I quickly realized the many little things that needed to happen to get started, one major item being the development of a website. It felt overwhelming. I thought “I can do this on my own”, which I could have, but quickly realized the big learning curve ahead of me as I’d never attempted website development. Enter Kate - a friendly, creative, competent and delightful web designer who was easy to work with and delivered on my vision. Kate knew the right questions to ask so that the swirling, foggy ideas in my mind could become clear and manifested on screen. Kate was accessible, on task, and delivered me a beautiful, easy-to-use website that I felt comfortable taking over. If you’re looking for peace of mind, and someone to lift the weight off your shoulders when it comes to your website, hire Kate, you won’t be disapointed.
— Kristina Bruce

Here’s what you get:

  • Comprehensive intake form so I can get all the basics from the work you’ve already done, including all the copy you want included (Need help with copy? No problem!)
  • 60-minute strategy session where I get to know you + your business better, and learn your vision for your website (show me your faves!)
  • Suggested brand board with color and font options for you to choose from (if you already have this, great!)
  • Temporary logo files (6 options) (Don’t let logo design hold you up. I can whip up something awesome. If you wanna hire a graphic designer to make you a professional logo down the line, great. In the meantime, let’s keep moving you forward.)
  • Fully customized (and optimized!) website that includes:
    • Home page
    • About page
    • Full-length sales page (for that killer package you just created)
    • Blog page (optional)
    • Contact me page (oh yeah, they’re gonna be contacting you)
    • Custom Favicon (you know that cute little thingy up in the URL tab? You’re gonna have your own!)
    • Custom Footer
    • Custom Social Share image (so that when you share your website on FB the right info shows up)
    • Photos that aren’t remotely cheesy and that can work well until you get your profesh shots done. Or you can keep them. Totally up to you. (If you have photos already, send them over and we’ll work together to choose what works best.)
    • Basic Squarespace SEO (I’ll put the right words in the right places on the back-end so your website comes up in the right searches.)
    • Mobile-responsive site
  • One round of revisions (we’ll be in touch the whole time, so you’ll know what’s going on before you even get the first draft)
  • Video walkthrough of the back-end of your site, so any changes you wanna make going forward are in your hands (and pocketbook!)
  • One month of Squarespace hosting fee
  • Full ownership of your site within 4 weeks

Here’s what you don’t get:

  • Complicated plug-ins
  • The need to hire a developer every time you want to make a change
  • Constant updates that require complicated coding to keep your site up and running
  • A web designer who disappears mid-project that you can never reach again
  • Copy-writing and editing services
  • Domain purchase, hosting and registration
  • Squarespace hosting fee ($216/year)

Investment: $1250

This is crazy. I can’t believe I finally have a website that doesn’t look like a kindergartener did it!!
— Sasha Korobov

OMG meeee toooo!

Here's how it works:

  • Click below to schedule your 60-minute strategy session, and pay a deposit of $625
  • I'll then email you a contract and a detailed intake form from my CRM, Dubsado
  • We'll have an in-depth conversation to clarify any questions I have from your intake form, and to get a better sense of your vibe
  • I'll create an Asana board for us to communicate on, share images, and keep track of tasks
  • When I'm done with your site, I'll send you a link to schedule your final walkthrough appointment, along with an invoice for your final payment of $625 (Please note: You will not be able to schedule your final walkthrough, nor receive access to your site, until the second payment is made)
  • At the end of our walkthrough call, you'll get one round of revisions. After those are made, I'll transfer ownership of your site over to you, along with your video tutorial on how it all works and you'll be off and running!


Why Squarespace and not WordPress?

I look at Squarespace like a Mac, and WordPress like a PC. Everything on Squarespace is built for Squarespace, by Squarespace, so everything works seamlessly together. On WordPress, like a PC, most things are made by outside sources. There are tons of options available, and sometimes they work well together, and then sometimes something gets updated and things get tricky. Often, you'll need an outside developer to come in and fix stuff. Like PCs, WordPress offers a lot more customization options, and for businesses that have been at it for a long time and have the money to throw at it, it's a great option. But for those who are just starting out, and want something that's really user-friendly, Squarespace is my number one recommendation.

Do you have a style or website philosophy?

I do have a philosophy (see below), but at the end of the day this is your site and you have to love itso if you want something different, that's totally fine.

So what's your philosophy?

I believe that websites should be clean and clear.

I believe that each page should have a specific call to action, and that when someone looks at your website, they should know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

I'm not a fan of tons of side-bars (or any, frankly), or fancy scrolls.

A Home Page should have an opt-in, and an invitation to take a next step ("read how I work with clients here", or "read more about me here").

An About Page should have an invitation to read how you work with clients, which should lead to an invitation to a consult.

I believe that each step the client takes through your site should be guided by you, and that a website that is too busy will be clicked away from quickly. Too many options of actions to take leave people confused, and taking no action at all, and we can't have that, now can we?

I've found a website that I absolutely love. Can you copy it?

Well, yes and no. First of all your site should be yours, and copying anyone else's copy or design is a no-no. But we can absolutely use it for inspiration; in fact, the more specific inspiration you have, the faster and easier this will be! Another thing to consider is that many of the fancy sites you love might have a lot of complicated coding put in place by an expensive developer. A Squarespace site will be more streamlined and less complicated, but also has some design limitations. 

Not quite ready to bite the bullet?

Click here to schedule a quick consult and I'll answer all your questions!