Nicole Fox, MPH, RD
Deb Cooperman
Hiring Kate Anthony to help me take my health & nutrition coaching business online was the most pivotal career decision I have made to date. Her breadth of knowledge extends from knowing what the best software platforms are, to how to word website and marketing copy, product launch sequencing and beyond. She also tied in her life coaching experience to keep me motivated and move past my resistance and lack of experience with technology with her warmth and witty sense of humor. 

Sessions with Kate are direct, focused and action-oriented. In a very short period of time we had my website up, and my first online coaching product developed, launched, and SOLD OUT! 

I am blown away by how lucky I am to have found such a talented, experienced online business strategist to work with. My only regret is that I didn’t make the decision to work with her and see how easy taking my brick and mortar business online could be. Thanks for everything, Kate!
— Nicole Fox, MPH, RD
Kate is a new online business owner’s secret weapon. She’s got a magical ability to cut through “coach-speak” to help you craft the necessary copy to get your work sold. Got a vision? She’ll bring your “oh wouldn’t that be cool” thoughts down to earth, help you expand them, map out a plan, and then break them down into step-by-step usable processes so shit gets done.
It’s her super-power, really.
— Deb Cooperman
Kira Sabin,  The League of Adventurous Singles
Kate is the secret weapon in the back pocket of any new or new-ish online business owner. 
If you’re still struggling to find just the right words to have people land on your site and say “YES!” you need Kate. 
If you’re still struggling to create concrete systems and streamline your processes, Kate is your woman.
Want things done FAST? Kate works faster and more efficiently than almost anyone I know.
Bottom line, this investment is worth every penny and will take your business to the next level.
— Kira Sabin, The League of Adventurous Singles
Kate has helped me with several large projects. She’s able to take both point-form notes or long detailed writing, and turn them into something truly compelling. Her writing resonates with my audience and encourages them to take the desired action. I always get excited to see what she has created because it’s always so bang on, and so much better than I could possibly do on my own. I love that Kate brings a marketing mindset to the table — it’s so much more than just editing your writing... she asks clarifying questions, and is not afraid to give suggestions or share her opinions.

Kate has written a variety of materials for me including social media posts, emails for promotional partners to use, and sales emails. She brings it all together and gives me copy that I’m proud to share and send out representing my business.
— Emily Kristofferson, Online Business Coach + Marketing Strategist
Building a business takes a village — or Kate Anthony.
I recently had a VIP day with Kate and it was nothing short of amazing!
I’ve worked with a lot of business coaches over the last few years and none of them offer the *one-stop shop* experience that Kate does. Booking with her was a no brainer.
Over the course of a few hours Kate:
*Helped me get crystal clear on who my clients are, what they really need and how I can speak to them, using their language, without losing my unique voice and personality.
*Recommended changes to my web site that made it more visually appealing, more user friendly and made it really speak to my audience.
*Gave me a brilliant social media strategy that has helped me increase my reach and actually drastically reduced the amount of time I spend marketing my business online.
*Taught me the best way to set up an email sequence that provides killer, consistent value and will easily lead to booking clients without sounding “salesy.”
*Held my hand through the entire process and made it feel relaxing, easy and FUN.
I loved every minute of the VIP experience and am already looking forward to working with her again.
— Carol Donahoe, Certified Life Coach