You will birth this baby if it’s the last thing you do. But really you’d like it to be the next thing you do, because you’ve been spinning your wheels for entirely too long.

Which is why you've been all over the interwebs trying to find that one-stop shop for getting your business started online.

But you still haven't found it.

You’ve found one coach who does FB Ads, and another who does abundance mindset coaching; there’s a graphic designer, a web developer, and someone who does copy for your website; there’s a digital marketing specialist, and someone else who helps you build your list. 


I’m Kate Anthony, CPCC, and I've got you.

I’ve spent the last 6 years running a successful private coaching practice — solo. No team. No V.A. No designers.

Just me, my laptop, and a lot of hard work.

When I first started my business, I searched high and low for someone to take me through the step-by-step process of getting my online business up and running, and came up short.

In 2012, I spent over $13,000 on “business coaches" who said they could help me do this, but instead spent 3 months trying to get me to sell their services to other coaches. Pyramid schemes. Blech.

Despite the many pitfalls, I finally managed to build a pretty successful coaching practice, and now I help new online business owners get all their systems in guided step at a time.

I have fallen into all the traps, and wasted all the time and money.

Now you don't have to. 

In three months, we’ll stop your wheels from spinning, and get them on a solid track towards success. You will have a step-by-step action plan, with weekly and monthly goals, and you’ll walk away feeling completely clear on all the shit that’s been overwhelming you and keeping you under the covers.

In six months, we’ll build your list, get your programs beta-tested and launched, revise what’s not working...and keep your sanity in check.


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