You’re pretty sure you need to build a website, get a logo, and have an effective social media presence. You’ve heard people talk about “opt-ins,” “lead magnets,” “calls to action” and “email sequences” but you honestly don’t know what they’re talking about, or if you do, you haven't the foggiest idea how to create it all. And you’re supposed to have a “list"? I mean, you email your friends and family…?

You’ve heard people talk about online schedulers and email marketing and social media schedulers and you feel like you need a dictionary to figure out what each one is and what the options are, and when you've asked in some of the FB groups you’re in the answers are so confusing that you just want to curl up in the fetal position under the covers, because Lord knows you're not any clearer now than you were before.


When I started, all this marketing stuff was totally overwhelming. I wanted to build a successful coaching practice, but didn’t have the money to hire graphic designers, web designers, expensive business coaches, Virtual Assistants, and all the other fancy stuff people say you need in order to sell your services online.

So I learned to do it all myself. All of it. Every little thing.

For the last six years, I have been my own marketing manager, sales team, graphic designer, web designer, and brand strategist.

The truth is, I believe that you shouldn't have to hire everything out in order to be successful. In fact, I believe that as an entrepreneur, you need to know how to use every single one of your tools yourself before you give them over to someone else to manage.

You can’t delegate what you don’t understand, and you shouldn't hire out what you can’t take back at a moment’s notice.

The problem I ran into as I started and grew my business was that I couldn’t find one-stop-shopping for how to do things. For example, when I wanted to start my podcast, I asked around for the basics, step-by-step. I was given links to long webinars and tutorials, but no one had the cheat-sheet on how to record and edit a podcast in GarageBand, create cover art in Canva to iTunes specifications, upload it all to Libsyn, and get it approved by iTunes.

“How To Start Your Podcast” seemed the most basic and simple cheat sheet, yet no one had it!

For each of these steps I had to scour the internet, watch complicated tutorials, mess it up, troubleshoot, and try again. And I kept running into this problem for almost everything I tried to do.

Simplifying processes like this, and teaching them to you in digestible, step-by-step ways is totally my jam. You want a launch strategy for the year? I have color-coded calendars to help. You want a checklist for which systems you need to run your business? I have that too. And I have a bundle of step-by-step cheat sheets like “How To Start Your Podcast,” natch. And if you need it and I don’t have it, I’ll make it, cause I’m a total geek like that.

  • If you’re ready for a step-by-step process and mentoring through starting or moving your business online, with no bullshit and no sleazy sales, with weekly action-steps, and a step-by-step processes, read more about how I work here.
  • If you want to read about my five-figure mistake, and how in one year I spent $13,000 on coaches who got me nowhere in my business—except in a ton of debt—click here.
  • If you want me to do all the writing and editing for you, click here.

Random (and possibly cool) shit you might wanna know about me:

  • I work as an Interpersonal Communications Consultant through Working Voices, a global communications consultancy. I run courses for them in Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication, Presentation Skills, Personal Brand, Personal Impact, etc. at some of the world's largest investment banks. I also write and edit scripts for their digital platform.
  • I still maintain a small but select handful of coaching clients through my private practice for moms.
  • I have an 11-year old son, and I share custody 50/50 with my ex, who is an amazing father.
  • I was raised in New York City in the 1970s and 80s. It's not as glamorous as it sounds.
  • My parents were both actors, and I spent a lot of my childhood backstage, on Broadway and on the road, hobnobbing with some really famous people.
  • My dad changed my diaper in the Oval Office under Nixon, and left my poop-filled diaper in his trash can. We're all really proud of that.
  • I have a photographic memory for where shit is. I’ve never lost an earring, an earring back or a sock in the dryer (#truestory), and I can find ALL the Lego pieces.
  • I am obsessed with true-crime shows, and know more about serial killers than anyone really should.
  • I will kick your ass in an Ikea or Lego assemble-off. Little stick dudes really do it for me.
  • I was an actor for more than 30 years, starting with five years on Sesame Street and ending with five years on Grey’s Anatomy, with a lot of work in theatre and television in between.